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Curatorial and Marketing Services

Advising others about their careers and arts is not easy, but as an artist myself, I understand your dilemmas, confusion and your hesitations. I love working with emerging artists and seeing them develop.


Working in Marketing and PR has taught me how important it is to have a clear development plan. I would love to support you with some advice and join your projects.

Artist Personal Consultancy

Art consultancy is an investment in the development of your career and your brand. I am here for you if you need help in preparing for art studies, tips on how to develop (or set up) your business or simply talk about what to do next with your practice.


Things I can help you with:


  • take a look at your practice and help define the next steps 

  • advise on preparing a portfolio/website

  • give some tips on how to develop your virtual visibility/branding development

  • guide in curating

  • advice on how to sell artworks


The first session is via email exchange. I will send you a series of questions that will allow me to learn more about your practice and what you are struggling with right now. If you would like to have another session, we will be able to continue it in writing or have a conversation over Zoom or I can visit you in the studio (if you live in London).



Curatorial work 

The curator is like a bond between the artist/gallery and the given goal. If you are looking for help with a project rather than advice, I can 

  • go with you through the application process for fundraising/residency/prizes 

  • help with organising an exhibition/art event

  • assistance with preparing a project/time plan for your venue

  • assistance with developing an archival/collection documentation

  • advise on starting an art collection 

  • review or help with the preparation of proposals/texts/marketing materials

  • advise on how to promote your exhibition/open call/event

  • help with installation and de-installation of the works 

If you are not sure for how many days you would need my help or if I did not include something in the list with which you need help, feel free to write me an email.


Marketing Strategy

The marketing strategy aims to identify the target audience, insights, Unique Selling Points and differentiators. I will sit with you and listen to what you would like to achieve, develop, who is your competition and the ideal customer.


The research and presentation preparation takes around two-three weeks. At the end of this process, I will create a personal brand development plan, thanks to that, you will know how to run your marketing and social media.

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