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Artist Manager

£1500 per month

*Initial fee for your practice review £1200


As Artist Manager, I support and advise on various issues, including artistic development and professional relationships. I aim to create short-term and long-term career plans, which may involve developing a unique image or brand, selecting exhibition materials, and identifying potential collaborations or opportunities. Through close cooperation with the artist and mentoring sessions, I help with creative projects, and manage administrative tasks.


Strategy / Curatorial 


  • Opportunity creation and development across art/design/public/private sector and collaborations 

  • Relationship building and management 

  • Help with applications for opportunities and university degrees

  • Help prepare portfolio, bio & statement

  • Research and copy-editing texts 

Mentoring and Administration 

  • Overseeing time-management

  • Managing Calendar 

  • Advising on maintaining Address Book

  • Advising on maintaining the Art Logic Database of Artworks 

  • Advise on maintaining the website 

  • Help with social media channels 

  • Help with studio events and visits

  • Ensuring the ongoing organisation of the archive (for artworks, drawings, images and press)

Production and Project Management

  • Advise on schedules and planning all projects from research and installation to deinstallation and communication thereafter 

  • Ensuring appropriate scheduling for the production of artworks and installation instructions are completed on time 

  • Liaising directly with clients and galleries

  • Advising on costing projects, budgets creation and tracking expenses

Sample of the week plan

Monday: Artist Strategy

  • Review the artist's long-term goals and career vision.

  • Discuss any upcoming exhibitions or projects.

  • Brainstorm ideas for enhancing the artist's brand and identity.

  • Research potential collaborations or opportunities.

Tuesday: Administrative Tasks

  • Handle paperwork, contracts, and financial matters.

  • Update the artist's portfolio, website, and social media profiles.

  • Organise logistics for upcoming exhibitions or events.

  • Respond to emails and communications on behalf of the artist.

Wednesday: Creative Project Development

  • Meet with the artist to discuss ongoing creative projects.

  • Provide feedback and suggestions for improvement.

  • Connect with potential collaborators or arrange meetings with other artists.

  • Coordinate resources needed for artistic endeavors.

Thursday: Mentorship and Emotional Support

  • Schedule a mentoring session with the artist.

  • Offer emotional support and guidance as needed.

  • Discuss any challenges or obstacles the artist is facing.

  • Help the artist maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Friday: Career Planning

  • Review and adjust the artist's short-term and long-term career plans.

  • Research opportunities for grants, residencies, or exhibitions.

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the artist's marketing strategies.

  • Brainstorm strategies to expand the artist's audience and reach.

Saturday and Sunday: Flexibility

  • Remain available for urgent matters or last-minute opportunities.

  • Use these days for any catch-up work or additional research.

  • Attend art-related events or exhibitions 

This is a flexible plan, and the actual activities may vary depending on the artist's specific needs and the current stage of their career. Regular communication and adaptability are key to being an effective Artist Manager.

Keep in mind that the places for this service are very limited and each application is subject to selection.


Thanks for submitting!

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