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Word from a curator

As all galleries and curators start their exhibition text…

I am delighted to present a one-month-long Meat Market project which consists of two shows, two talks and some spontaneous events.

We are all here because we enjoy contemplating and asking questions like “Do I like it?” “How does it make me feel?” “What does it mean?” “Why did I do it?”  “What the F*CK is that?” Don’t worry if you don’t get art. I don’t get it, either. No one in this room does. 


This project came about because I was tired of seeing art that merely serves as a decorative piece above a sofa and costs a fortune. Instead, I wanted to experience art that disrupts our everyday routine, shock us and makes us feel fear, delight, reflection, disappointment, disgust, or joy. I invited the artists to do whatever they wanted in an old butcher shop because I believe that it is necessary to move beyond the conventional expectations of where art should be to let it develop even more.

For Meat Market #1, I selected artists with whom I had a lot of conversations about how their art is being censored, not for commercial use or too controversial. As collaboration and mutual support are an important part of this project, I asked them to choose artists for Meat Market #2. Together they expose topics that are seen as inappropriate or not suitable for conversations in daylight. 


In two on-site recorded panels discussions, Aimée Neat and Nicholas Stavri will talk about exhibiting in unique and affordable spaces and Huma Kabakci and Charlotte Leseberg will discuss ways of making the art world more accessible. Recordings will be available free online after the project ends. 


The project would not have been possible without the help of Oliwia Siem, Linda Hamilton and Jakub Kamiński. Huge thanks to Sebastian Koseda for designing the branding identity 
of this project, Josh C. Wright for technical and electronic support, Gabriel Mansfield for installation and photography, and Nicholas Stavri for advising on curatorial aspects.

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