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Veronika Neukirch

Through sculpture and installation, I am having conversations with matter, domestic objects and the spaces we inhabit. We chat about functionality, the limits of materials, and giggle about meaning.

Malleability and translucency are a continuous theme, as materials evolve to fit the particularities of display methods. Examining and aiming to alter our perception of and interaction with space, the works often become creatures. They droop, ooze and shine while resting comfortably or prancing along their habitat. Propping, supporting and suspending each other, components converse amongst themselves and have started to look back at us.

When did realism stop feeling real? Material qualities have agency and become metaphors for human emotions, attitudes and consciousness that are downloaded into sculptural avatars. Creating extensions of body and mind; I aim to breathe joy and humour into the inanimate.

IG @veronika_neukirch

If you'd like to learn more about the artist's career, click here.


Bussi / peck


Kawaii-clopse 1


Suspended Disbelief


Kawaii-clopse 2



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