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Sebastian Koseda

"We absolutely don't welcome this but people are going to have to move," Foxtons chief executive Guy Gittins told the BBC as Foxtons reported its annual profits had doubled in the past year.”


My current work displays no imagined future, speculative timeline or designed fiction. Instead it spotlights the condition of the City today and the united sense of displacement within it.

This piece addresses the fully-detached and alienating language of the housing market. Artful estate agents fabricate bidding wars over mould covered walls, Buyers and Sellers are motivated to play with looming Jenga towers.


Last year people were worried about heating their homes, this year people are worried about having homes. As we enter an era of rising energy and aggravated nervous systems, It’s getting harder to believe we are supposed to live like this.



IG @sebkoseda

If you'd like to learn more about the artist's projects, click here.

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