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The Feeling Library

The Feeling Library is a beautiful project created by @skipgallery@theselfspace and @caukinstudio


The authors invited members of the public to enter a cosy space filled with books, pillows and plants to have a moment of reflection. Among the copies of the older literature, there were also white hardcovered notebooks. Their titles were connected to the feelings and fears that each of us faces every day (very often in silence). The guest was able to close the doors of the library and write in the notebooks about their experiences, hopes, worries but also moments of joy.

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Everyone we pass on the street has secrets that they do not share with anyone. Sometimes because they don't want to, sometimes because they can't - because there is no one who would listen. The Feeling Library not only gave us the possibility to say what we held in our hearts but also the opportunity to listen to others. White notebooks were filled with loneliness, broken hearts, screaming for help and an appreciation for life.


eautiful project created by

Through that confrontation with anonymous confessions, The Feeling Library (and The International Archive of Things Left Unsaid about which I created a post recently) made us realize how many people around us suffer in silence, how often we fail to see things. I really wish this project was a permanent exhibition. Considering how many notes there were in these notebooks, society very much needs it.


I can't wait to see more of @skipgallery projects. It's changing from a creative form of the display into a platform for deeper and more open conversations. Once again congratulations to all contributors!


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