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Kate Howe - Studio visit 05.09.2022

This text will be about how a curator and an artist fall in love with each other. It is not about any erotic or romantic feelings, but about the attraction of two elements that create a coherent whole.


A professional artist is not to create final pieces. She is a series of experiences, mistakes, efforts, failures, successes, books, conversations, tests, thoughts, emotions, breakdowns, tears and enlightenments. It is also the curator's path.


When I met Kate through Instagram, a few messages were enough for us to spot 'that something'. Now, after hours spent in her studio and talking about exactly everything, a real relationship is being formed between us. We have a common goal - to create something GREAT in which each of us has an important role to play. We listen to each other, we learn, we let our liquid souls burn through and complement each other. The curator fills in those small gaps in the artist's practice or career that need a little more attention, care and embrace. The artist is the curator's meaning.


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