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An attempt to say something about NFTs: Satan's brood, panties and matte screens.

Attention attention! The memorable moment has come! I will attempt to say something about NFTs publicly! *the sound of lightning striking*

Take it easy, my fellow RCA curators! I haven't sold my soul to the devil (yet). I still don't understand what this is all about. I mean, I do, but I don't. It's just that I have met many people over the last few months who have very positive opinions about this mystical world (and are trying to recruit me to their teams). Of course, everyone says about their competitors, "They don't understand anything at all. They are shit! Our idea is genius' And let me tell you, each one of them sounds very convincing to me as I have no idea what all these tech words and abbreviations mean. So blame me for trying to listen to all voices to develop an opinion. I hear you, the followers of sustainability. I hear you...

All I'm saying is that I believe there is no turning back. This market is so progressive that in just a few years, it has created a permanent home in our hermetic world of contemporary art. Whether we like it or not. The same as with Instagram. It became its integral part, and still, most of us don't even like it or know how to use it.

Anyway, I went to this event yesterday at The NFT Gallery. Many tall and colourful people came—ladies in long pants and dresses (they came prepared) and me in a miniskirt. Jokes. I was actually wearing shorts that looked like a skirt, but I still felt uncomfortable. As usual, I will critique curatorial decisions rather than judge individual artworks. Whether you like an artwork or not, it's your private thing... but you can tell straight away whether an exhibition is shit or not. This one was...' huh neat, but why do all these people look like influencers and are they looking at my panties?' Basically, the floor was a giant mirror. Not only you are looking at those 5 extra kilos that you are trying so hard to hide from the whole world, but also all your 6 chins are sticking out. Lovely, isn't it?

This is how I started my adventure with NFTs in the physical world. Kind of uncomfortable; however, I must give credit to The NFT Gallery for offering real emotions and experiences next to their virtual artworks, which, by the way, were presented on matte screens with nice frames created by Tokenframe ™ NFT Display (a company that makes screens only for NFT displays *the sound of an exploding brain*).

Despite being constantly aware that the person I was talking to was a blink from seeing my panties, I was charmed how the light reflected from the floor created beautiful marks on the walls that were NOT reflected on the screens -> here I look eloquently at all art institutions that still did not figure out that hiding famous pieces behind glass is NOT the best idea in the era of the social media.

I liked the visual aspects of the works presented there. That's all I can say. As I mentioned before, I have no clue how they were created. Whether ecologically or insert here whatever word you want. I also admit that I am not yet acquainted with their authors and the contexts. Sorry.

So yeah! Let's start this stormy conversation! What are your experiences or thoughts on NFTs? 1-2-3...FIGHT!


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