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Nikita Snegirjov

The "Meat Door", "Escape" and "An Angle" paintings come from the "Meat can feel too" series. It is based on AI-generated imagery, which is meant to juxtapose the meat production industry with the production of art through new technology.

Inevitably, an innovation that often scares, Artificial intelligence is bringing new focus and possibilities for creative industries. The way it infiltrates our routines, feelings and emotions through the processing of AI algorithms are the aspects I’m most considerate of. Paintings create a sense of unfamiliarity, stress, and sympathy but also depict the temptation that people tend to feel towards meat products.

Continuing on the theme of intimacy, paintings of BDSM equipment and masks embrace the dark side of human intimacy. Paintings based on images found on Ebay and other shopping portals present fetishes as everyday products like energy drinks or sweets.

The imagery in my practice is heavily influenced by post-soviet aesthetics and Western fiction, which was the environment that formed my style while growing up in Latvia. My illustration and painting focus on portraying stories and concepts through the lens of horror and dark fantasy.


An Angel




Meat Door

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