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Marc-Aurèle Debut

I turned the butcher shop into one great work of art. I refer to gay culture by inviting the viewer to experience two popular sex practices within gay culture. I am playing the viewer’s curiosity in both installations, attracted by the light piercing through the glory hole, to look through and ‘forcing’ the viewer to bend over in the position one adopts to perform oral sex or anal sex, waiting for an anonymous man’s penis. 

The black embroidery on a sex swing attracts the viewer to come closer and bend over to adopt the top gay sex position penetrating one’s orifice and looking down on the bottom or to receive anal or oral sex. 


I am interested in challenging the stereotypes linked to the mythology of meat with masculinity, exploring cultural connotations tying men and masculinity with meat.
Meat is commonly associated with strength, virility and masculinity. Though not limited to these connotations, ‘meat’ is predominantly associated with power, wealth and dominance throughout history. These associations between meat and hegemony are not natural, they are constructed by societal norms and expectations. Meat’ is often tied to notions of the real’. The well-worn phrase 'real men eat meat', one which must surely tire every vegetarian/vegan who's ever been told this, is regularly perpetuated, making non-meat-eating males somehow 'less of a man' for abstaining from flesh consumption.

The arrangement of individual works in the building changed its structure into submissive & dominant, bottom & top, in & out levels

IG @marcaureledebut

If you'd like to learn more about the artist's career, click here.


Pleasure holes, Pleasure holes II, Pleasure holes III and Pleasure holes IIII


Take it like a man (sex swing) 


Take it like a man (glory hole) 

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