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Grace Lee

Bringing together two works that explore 'being used', Fool Me Twice (2022) and Sixay (2023) approach the power dynamics of desire from different perspectives. In Fool Me Twice a mouth plays two kazoos. Their simple abrasive sounds, characteristic of something unpleasant and unexpected, mockingly circle the player, making their resemblance to fangs all the more misplaced.

Sixay depicts a single building in three stages of development across three canvases, spanning 40 years. Once a butchers shop itself, the building was converted into two flats in the 90s, before being stitched back together in 2008 and subsequently remodelled to disguise its Frankenstein past. Only old photographs reveal the hands that have been on it, apart from its address, 6A, the scar of its transformation and separation, now healed. The triptych title merges ‘6A’ and ‘sexy’ in reference to both the beauty and crass obscenity of the London housing market.


Fool me Twice

IG @worstgracescenerios

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