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Damaris Athene

My practice spans many mediums and explores the Posthuman, where humans are enhanced by science and technology and the idea of humans being the centre of the world is challenged. I’m interested in how digital technology can change how it feels to live in a body and how it can alter our understanding of what a body could be. I’m drawn to where language fails us and where sensory experience provides insights. 


My work occupies the in-between, slipping between the real and unreal, and swimming through the boundaries of the body, the organic and synthetic, the digital and physical, and 2D/3D space. Unsettling illusions create a slippery reality, interfering with your perception. Work transforms from painting to sculpture, performance, photography, and digital collage, accumulating in installations. This installation includes padded paintings and digitally printed shower curtains. Could future bodies look like this?

IG @damaris.athene

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All Trussed Up and Nowhere to Go

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