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Anna Mays

My practice considers the position of the body in contemporary Western society. In this age of digitisation, I believe that we are becoming more disconnected from the interiors of our bodies and our emotional selves.


My work explores the body through the digital lens and through organic and material approaches. This reflects on the relationship between physical and virtual and the separation between the two. 


I look at how visual information can be captured by a lens and reproduced infinitely, losing its connection to time and location. In doing so, I question the effect this has on intimacy, and the role of touch and tangibility for human experience.


Print is a relevant medium in which to explore such ideas. The process is ultimately a result of contact and has the ability to reproduce. I aim to push these boundaries, and think of print as an expanding field that can play an exciting part in contemporary art.


I’m Material

Latex, dust, ash, pigment, charcoal and graphite pulled from etched steel and aluminium


Collaboration with Jack Idiens Soundscape

IG @nnamays

If you'd like to learn more about the artist's career, click here.


Re. Surface

Screen print on acrylic

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