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Abigail Norris

A replica of a dead hare lays in the attic space of an old butcher’s shop. Something is out of joint, strange, and unnerving, the hare is significantly larger than life-size, human scale. It is neither real nor unreal, recognised nor unknown. It is neither alive nor void of life. 


What is this glitch, this insecurity and uncertainty? Have humans lost the ability to gauge their own status?


My work is concerned with the nature of connectedness, the fact of being or feeling physically, emotionally, or spiritually connected to 'others'. Addressing the growing disconnect between humans, animals, and plants due to hierarchical structures such as the Great Chain of Being. My work explores the absence of the voice of femaleness and the presence of 'haunting' memories within western culture as a territory in its own right, a terrain known within my work as The Nightside Garden.


Within The Nightside Garden, the body becomes a site of transgression between sculpture and skin. Reality and myth coexist through embryonic and biomorphic structures and large-scale creatures. Uncanny beasts of irregular scale lay abandoned yet seemingly potent with life force. Hybrid and figurative sculptures with musculoskeletal armatures metamorphose between plants, animals, and humans, rekindling a deep-rooted memory of abject embodiment.


Hare (Wyrd Sister, Betwixed Me and Her)

IG @abigailnorris000

If you'd like to learn more about the artist's career, click here.

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