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RCA2024: You did well. Only a few of you will survive.

Here we are. A year after a shitty degree show. Was this year's better? It WAS! I actually really enjoyed it. I won't drop any names in this review but will post the ones I liked the most in my stories. To those who invited me to see their work and whose work I would potentially like, I'm sorry, but I couldn't talk to everyone and couldn't see everything. Please keep sending me updates on your new works and portfolios.

OMG! MA CURATING! Frickin amazing! Was very surprised that their spaces looked like exhibitions and not a bunch of poorly printed A4s with political, economic and gender-related questions I saw at other schools. The quality - super high! Topics - interesting and easy to understand! Students - friendly and approachable! My favourite was a project that addressed the struggle of private views (I have a massive problem with them). Good job!

MA Sculpture: I enjoyed the playfulness of many works, but I saw only a few that would survive the reality of the art market. Artists, you were there to show your ambition and ideas, but it's unlikely it will matter after you graduate. Do you see many exhibitions (in commercial galleries) with installations? Not really. Don't get me wrong, I'd also show an installation, but there are very few curators and gallery owners who have the ability/possibilities to show such massive and extensive works, and you don't want to keep sponsoring your exhibitions forever. I don't know what's the solution here, but cool works.

MA Painting: I like how sometimes one medium extends to another one. I like it when painting becomes more sculptural, but some of the more 3D works...what the F was that? I took photos of 6 works, 4 of which I sent to my friends, asking whether they don't look like works of now very trendy other artists.

MA Print: I didn't feel most of them. Paid attention to only one - you could sign up to the University of WhildChicken, and after writing your name on the certificate, you would graduate with a degree in Master of Arts in Cash Cow. I put "Professional Art Bullshitter", but no one got my joke. Everyone around me was Asian. I sound so racist, but they really didn't laugh or ask me anything, as it happens almost every time.

MA Photography: THERE WAS A LOT! After going through around 600 students' works, I couldn't absorb any more. There were very strong works, but I couldn't hold my phone anymore to take photos of many of them.

MA Jewellery, Ceramics, Glass, and so on: Pretty cool works. The jewellery design was super high, but I'm still unsure how to approach that field. Students on the third floor had a very poorly curated space. There weren't any temporary walls, so most of the works were just placed in the middle of the room—not really effective. I basically speed-ran it and went there to see my friends.

MFA: they were okay.

MA Writing: haven't seen, haven't heard.

And what was it with labels and publications and all that stuff? Why did every degree have a different system? Do they not talk to each other (no, I'm not really asking)? It felt very random.

Overall rate: You did well but only a few of you will survive.


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