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Meat Market: How it started

In 2020 I graduated BA Fine Art in Cambridge and realised I had no idea what to do next. I was making installations, big sculptures, conceptual and socially engaged art, so there was nothing that I could actually sell. As uni didn't teach me anything about how to survive as an artist, I realised that I had to learn everything myself and then pass this knowledge on to others. Everyone was as lost as I was.

When I started studying MA Curating Contemporary Art at the Royal College of Art*, I knew I had to use these two years to develop contacts**, learn as much as possible about the art market, and do everything I could to get any job in the art world.

@professional_art_bullshitter account started with me going to various galleries and posting notes on what I liked and didn't like. I treated it as a live archive that helped me understand what I am interested in from the curatorial side and what I want to do in the art world. After visiting probably a few hundred exhibitions, I started to get bored because the format was mostly the same - white walls, incomprehensible exhibition text and paintings. Dull as dishwater (no offence to my friends who are painters). That's why I love unique exhibition spaces and works of art that are challenging to exhibit, talk about and sometimes even look at.

*maybe someday I should talk about how I managed to pay for my studies because it's torture for those who come from a working-class

**HINT: If you want to enter a new community, start interviewing people

Artists: Natalia Janula, John Costi, Jeremy Hutchison

In the last two years, I worked on freelance bases with different dealers, galleries, companies and individuals. I saw and experienced things that I absolutely loved and hated. However, just like when making art, I didn't want to create my curatorial project until I felt that THIS IS IT - THIS space, THESE people, THIS time in my life, THIS idea...

...and financial capability, but for such projects, there is never enough money, so if you want to be my sugar mummy or daddy, please get in touch :D

Now I feel that THIS IS IT.

Even though I know many problems will come my way, I will do everything to make it happen.

Let's rephrase it: THIS PROJECT MUST HAPPEN.


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