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London Art Fair 2022: Aperol, Artworks, Flirts from sponsors & collectors.

I had a great pleasure of being invited to this year’s London Art Fair. I got a special Gallery Guest Pass! Aperol, Artworks, Flirts from sponsors & collectors. I was having fancy time and all.

Compared to the Frieze Art Fair, which was simply filled with stuff and exhausted employees, at the London Art Fair in the Art Projects space, galleries presented exciting curatorial modes which made discovering new artists much more enjoyable.

Photos: JGM Gallery, Kitai Gallery, Anima Mundi, IMT Gallery at London Art Fair

JGM Gallery @jgm_galleryhas wonderfully combined colourful, contemporary paintings and ceramics with modernist chairs and a beautiful metal table with a wooden top (designed by @toad_gallery). Kitai Gallery @gallerykitai invited viewers to interact with @shizan.k artwork (praise the person who wrote their wall texts. They made me feel very connected to the artist’s work. Amazing job!), Anima Mundi @animamundigallery painted their walls hot yellow and, IMT Gallery @imtgallery had the loveliest curator and director ever -it was great talking to you and thank you for sending me your catalogue!

It was less spectacular downstairs. There were hardly any sculptures and most paintings could fit in a regular car. Although I have to admit that the ones that were of great size were truly magnificent.

There were many works by famous artists at the sight of which I rolled my eyes. Is the market really not saturated with them enough? I want to see new stuff. Fresh stuff!

I heard that there were excellent talks about photography and quite a few galleries' employees who were telling young artists to walk away from the booths as they were scaring potential clients away. How is it possible that the place that should attract enthusiasts of what is the most majestic and mysterious in our world is filled with both elegance and creativity, but also rudeness and conceit?

I am happy that I have met so many wonderful and warm people at the London Art Fair, but on the other hand, I have had enough of this commercialism for a while. I just want to experience art without thinking about money. But is it possible? Especially as a curator who works with galleries?


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