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Lea Rose Kara Solo Show: the magic unfolded before me.

I haven't been to such a beautiful solo show for a long time. Artwork materials, plants, space, light, people, publication...all these elements were so wonderfully matched that it made my head spin.

On Tuesday (23rd August 2022), I went to Lea Rose Kara's exhibition opening event curated by Alexa Chow designed by Victoria Dong at the ReptureXIBIT.

The entire exhibition was divided between the three spaces. The first room, filled with Lea's glass and silicone sculptures, which she also exhibited at her degree show, was inviting passersby from the main street. The information about the show was written in coloured chalk on the walls of the building. It reminded me of childhood games and encouraged me to interact with the artist's works. The rule was simple: smell and make it jiggle.

One had to walk through a small corridor next to the house for the rest of the exhibition. The installations created by Kate Howe, the gallery owner, made me feel like Alice in Wonderland, moving from a boring civilization to a land of magic. The curator greeted me immediately (she always emanates great power - when you meet her, you'll know what I mean) and offered a glass of wine. Unfortunately, I was driving that evening, but it was not one of those exhibitions where you just have to drink alcohol to survive whatever awaits you in the further part of the gallery. Here the magic unfolded before me.

If you are a person who loves art as much as nature (I am), then this space is simply a dream come true. A small vestibule led to a long garden filled with various plants and sculptures. On the left was Kate's studio (I would have given all ten fingers to live there), but you could follow the garden further and enter another exhibition room. On the way to the artist, who, as usual, was hypnotising the audience with stories about nature and senses, I passed her beautiful new works. It was a forest of hanging brown materials decorated with small bronze weights. I saw Lea making and polishing them for a long time, and the effect was spectacular. The earthy colours of the artworks blended beautifully with the juicy green of surrounding plants.

The last room, just like the first one, was filled with beautiful fragrances. Each work presented there spoke about how much Lea pays tribute to nature and its miracles. Natural dyes, shapes, smells and her, the artist, in between. Smiling and chatting. Whenever I talk to her, she fills me up with peace.

It was a beautiful evening - seeing how ideas, collaboration, and art develop together. It's all about the community - giving and supporting each other with whatever we have. I am glad to be a part of it all. I can't wait to see what projects, shows and artworks each of us will create next.


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