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Data Romantic by Tigris

So do you know how you’re not really sure how to approach people at an art event and then they approach you and ask „so how are you finding it?” and then you just start talking about life, work and…love?

I don't think I have ever been to such event where every element of the exhibition would fit together so perfectly. Lights, music, books, flowers, tea, whole atmosphere.

Cards on which the viewer could mark the course of their relationship using coloured pins was my favourite part of the new show by @tigrisli at 180 The Strand’s Reference Point. So simple, yet makes you think and feel a lot.

Last night, @hours.ldn hosted one of the Data Romantics show nighty events called “LUV L3TT3RS”- love letters reading and writing. During a group conversation, we tried to find answers to questions that everyone asks themselves each day. Questions about relationships, friendships, trust. It was a great experience...especially in times when talking about s3x comes much easier than about our deep feelings as @quanch said.


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