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Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2021 at South London Gallery

As today is the last day of the Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2021 at @southlondongalleryI thought that I would share some of my thoughts about it.

It was great to see the variety of artistic practices and how emerging artists address current global problems. I really enjoy group shows when the quality of artworks is high and when the exhibition has a purpose other than just showing pieces - you can sense it straight away.

When I entered the main gallery, the colour palette of all the artworks was very similar: greens, purples, blacks and browns and more than anything, it reminded me of sickness, craziness and death. Despite this weird vibe, I really liked the decision of putting some of the bigger pieces way above eye level. It looked as if they were located randomly in some places, but somehow everything worked together. Also, I just love the eye-melting green they used for the leaflet. Are we now into vibrant colours for exhibition texts?

About the artworks: my favourite titles are longer, humorous and sometimes even ironic. These are best ones from the whole exhibition

1. "filming dad's ass while he's chopping logs with a chainsaw" by Max Goran

2. "That one time we were playing Badminton and accidentally killed the Pope" by Orsola Zane @orsolazane

3. "Have you been sat there plucking your fanny hair?" by Nisa Khan @nisakhanart

The whole show included works of 74 artists but for some reason I didn't feel it was that many. In this sick leaflet, only 31 artists had 1-2 sentences long introductions. But why? I mean am I missing something? Would it be too long to write something about everyone?

Overall, I enjoyed it but I wanted more info about the artworks.


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