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Josh C. Wright

​​Shored against my ruins is a suspended light sculpture created specifically for the Meat Market exhibition. I’ve constructed this work from discarded items, such as polystyrene packaging, wood, and waste materials collected from the streets of Lewisham. The artwork pays homage to the former butchers' tradition of hanging meat, which was once commonplace in this area.


The sculpture draws inspiration from ornate chandeliers, which are often associated with ostentatious displays of wealth and power. In the same vein, expensive cuts of meat were once exhibited in butchers' shops to showcase their quality and abundance. The intricate and luxurious design of a chandelier also served as a grand centrepiece for spaces, drawing attention and admiration.


However, in this sculpture, the use of discarded materials and its almost wrecking-ball-like form speak to a different message. The artwork serves as a constant reminder of the increasing gentrification of the area, which exerts pressure and inevitably consumes small local businesses. The sculpture's presence evokes a sense of resistance against this phenomenon and encourages viewers to reflect on the impacts of gentrification on local communities.

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If you'd like to learn more about the artist's career, click here.


Shored against my ruins



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